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Resetting your Unraid password

Whether you have forgotten your password, or are not using a password manager, forgetting your root password can be a problem and bring everything to a standstill.

There are two methods to reset your root password, both of which require access to another computer:

This method involves deleting the files that contain your hashed passwords from the USB device, and is the safest.

  1. Shutdown your server.
  2. Plug your USB flash device into a Windows or Mac computer.
  3. Open the USB device in Explorer / Finder.
  4. Locate and delete the files:

    • boot/config/shadow
    • boot/config/smbpasswd
  5. Securely eject your USB device and connect it to the Unraid server again.
  6. Boot up the Unraid server and it will ask you to set up a new password, as if you'd just completed a first boot of Unraid.
  7. (Optional) If you have any user accounts configured in Users > Shares Access (or Settings > Users > Shares Access), select each user and enter a new password. Be sure to select Change and not Done after this.

Your password is reset and your account secured.