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Managing user accounts

You can manage existing user accounts on your Unraid server, change share permissions, reset passwords, add descriptions and images, or simply delete them when they are not needed.

Modify a user account

You can modify a user account in Unraid if the user has forgotten their password, or if you need a more direct way of changing shared folder access, for example.

  1. Navigate to Users > Shares Access (or Settings > Users > Shares Access), and select the name of the user account you want to modify.
  2. (Optional) In the Edit User screen, modify any field that you want, except the User name. If you want to set a new Password for this user, simply enter a new one and retype it in the Retype password.
  3. (Optional) At the bottom of the screen Unraid displays a list of shares to which the user has been given access. You can change the User Access settings for any listed shares. However, you cannot add new ones.
  4. Select Apply to save your changes.

Delete a user account

You can easily remove a user account in Unraid, when it is no longer needed.

  1. Navigate to the Users menu, and select the name of the user account you want to delete.
  2. Tick the Delete checkbox. The Apply button switches to a Delete button.
  3. Select Delete to delete the user. A confirmation dialog confirms the user deletion.
  4. Select Done.