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Most of the time Unraid systems function with minimal problems. This section is intended to help with resolving issues that are most commonly encountered.

There are some important general guidelines that we recommend users follow to help with any troubleshooting:

  • Use the built-in Help: The Unraid GUI has extensive built-in Help for most fields in the GUI. This can be accessed at the individual field level by clicking on the field name, or toggled on/off for the whole page by clicking on the Help icon at the top right of the GUI.
  • Use the link to this online manual: the status bar at the bottom of the WebGUI contains a direct link to this online manual.
  • Enable Notifications: Unraid has a notification system that can be used to keep you informed about the health of your Unraid system. This can be enabled and the level of notifications you receive tuned under Settings > User Preferences > Notification Settings. Since Unraid systems often function for very long times without needing any user oversight, it can be important that you are informed of problems when they first occur, as unresolved ones can grow into more serious problems.
  • Ask for help in the forums: Unraid has a vibrant user community and many knowledgeable users who are active in the Unraid forums. Any time you encounter a problem and you are not sure how to proceed, it is a good idea to ask questions in the forums. There is nothing worse than rushing into trying to fix a problem using a process you do not understand and as a result turning the problem into something more serious.
  • Capture diagnostics: If you want to ask a question in the forums about a problem you are encountering you are frequently going to be asked to provide your system diagnostics file. You need to do so BEFORE YOU REBOOT so that the logs show what went wrong. The system diagnostics log is cleared at every reboot.