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Version 6.12.3 2023-07-14

Changes vs. 6.12.2

Upgrade notes

Known issues

Please see the 6.12.0 release notes for general known issues.

Rolling back

If rolling back earlier than 6.12.0, also see the 6.12.0 release notes.


This release has fixes for networking, particularly as it relates to IPv6. A side effect is that this should resolve an issue where the webGUI will not load in certain instances.

Note: If you have code in your 'go' script to disable IPv6, remove that and disable it via the 'Settings/Network Settings' page instead. Manually disabling IPv6 will cause conflicts.


This release resolves an issue where Docker does not properly stop when the array Stops, which can result in an unclean shutdown.

If Docker containers have issues starting after a while, and you are running Plex, go to your Plex Docker container settings, switch to advanced view, and add this to the Extra Params: --no-healthcheck

Bug fixes and improvements

  • rc.docker:
    • revised docker daemon running check
    • rc.docker: change route metric of main interface as needed to avoid conflict with shim interface with shim interface
  • rc.library:
    • code optimization for ipv6 max/min
    • support ipv4 mapped addresses
  • rc.nginx: explicit ipv4/ipv6 selection on lo interface
  • shfs: correct share size calculation when ZFS is one of the volumes
  • webgui:
    • VM settings page: fixed typo
    • Share Edit page: make minimum free space settings always available
    • Wireguard: fix typo in Ipv6 mask
    • Routing table: fix display of metric value when zero

Linux kernel

  • version 6.1.38
  • Added support to monitor and also limit power on Intel Core (2nd Gen+) CPU models:
    • CONFIG_POWERCAP: Generic powercap sysfs driver
    • CONFIG_INTEL_RAPL: Intel RAPL Support via MSR Interface
    • CONFIG_IDLE_INJECT: Idle injection framework

Base Distro

  • firefox: version 115.0.r20230710165010 (AppImage)