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Version 6.12.2 2023-06-29

Changes vs. 6.12.1

Upgrade notes

Known issues

Please see the 6.12.0 release notes for general known issues.

Rolling back

If rolling back earlier than 6.12.0, also see the 6.12.0 release notes.


This is mainly a bug fix release, including also a minor security update. Other highlights:

  • We reverted docker from v23.0.6, introduced during Unraid OS 6.12 development, to v20.10.24, which is the latest patch release of docker used in Unraid OS 6.11. This to address increased memory usage and other issues discovered with docker.
  • A small necessary change to invoke our 'update_services' script whenever a WireGuard tunnel starts or stops is automatically applied to all 'config/wireguard/*.conf' files when you update via Update OS page. For manual update or if you downgrade, it is necessary to make a "dummy change" in a setting on the Settings/VPN Manager page and then click Apply.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • email notifications: add line in /etc/php.ini: 'mail.mixed_lf_and_crlf=On' to workaround change in PHP8 CRLF handling
  • emhttpd: Fix regression: emulated ZFS volumes not recognized
  • emhttpd: Fix regression: format fails if diskFsType==auto and defaultFsType specifies encryption
  • emhtptd: Fix regression: mount fails if diskFsType==auto
  • htop: remove predefined /root/.config/htop/htoprc file
  • network: RC services update:
    • NFS - fix service reload
    • RPC - fix service reload
    • NGINX - remove HTTPS port in FQDN redirect when default 443
    • All services - register IPv4 Link local assignment (
    • All services - make lock file programmable
    • WireGuard: delayed service update to avoid race condition
    • rc.library: do not allow duplicates in bind list
  • webgui: Dashboard updates:
    • Re-introduce show/hide tile content
    • Add new icon function to show/hide all content at once
    • Reduce gap between columns
    • description -> model
    • ZFS: fix percentage value to max 100%
    • Use prototype function: This makes it easier for 3rd party developers to automatically hide dynamic content
    • Handle duplicate IP assignments and give warning
    • change header MEMORY to SYSTEM
  • webgui: OS Update: add checkbox to confirm reading release notes before upgrading
  • webgui: diagnostics: include list of duplicate assignments
  • webgui: NFS: for Security/Private increase Rule field from 256 to 512 characters.

Linux kernel

  • version 6.1.36

Base Distro

  • bind: version -9.16.42 (CVE-2023-2911)
  • docker: 20.10.24 (revert from v23.0.6)