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Version 6.11.4 2022-11-18

This release is focused on bug fixes and minor improvements.


  • Fix share information in Diagnostics.


  • docker: version 20.10.21 (CVE-2022-39253 CVE-2022-2879 CVE-2022-2880 CVE-2022-41715)
  • Fix: "please wait" message after removing orphan image.
  • Set IPVLAN as default for new installations.


  • samba: version 4.17.3 (CVE-2022-42898)
  • Set the default "max open files" to the value of 'ulimit -n' which is currently set to 40960.

VM Manager

  • Allow Network PCI devices to have boot order.
  • Change to use libvirt_domain_interface_addresses which has been available for a long time but was not documented in the API manual. Using this function stops tainted warnings being written to the log, ex: "Domain id=4 is tainted: custom-ga-command".
  • Fix for VM Rename.


  • Fixed issue which prevented array Autostart with a Trial key.
  • Fixed encoding issue when passwords contain multi-byte UTF-8 characters.
  • Parity History: add day of week to date.
  • Shares: Fix: do not allow creation of hidden share names.
  • Main page: reinitialize disk transfer statistics upon opening new broswer session.
  • Management Access page: improved messaging for SSL
  • Firefox: version 107.0.r20221110173214 (AppImage)
  • When all browser sessions close, stop unnecessary background processes.

Base Distro

  • bash: version 5.2.009
  • btrfs-progs: version 6.0.1
  • gdk-pixbuf2: version 2.42.10
  • glibc-zoneinfo: version 2022f
  • intel-microcode: version 20221108
  • libX11: version 1.8.2
  • libnftnl: version 1.2.4
  • nghttp2: version 1.51.0
  • php: version 7.4.33 (CVE-2022-31630 CVE-2022-37454)
  • sed: version 4.9
  • sysstat: version 12.7.1
  • xkbevd: version 1.1.5
  • xkill: version 1.0.6
  • xlsatoms: version 1.1.4
  • xlsclients: version 1.1.5
  • xz: version 5.2.8