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Version 6.11.1 2022-10-06


Updated both qemu and libvirt to latest versions:

  • Added ppc, riscv32/riscv64, and aarch64 support.

Updated docker to v20.10.18 and improved networking:

  • When DHCP is used, wait for IPv4 assignment before proceeding on system startup, this avoids a possible race-condition at boot time when host access to custom networks is enabled.
  • Allow user defined networks to be reconnected at docker service start. Now all defined networks will be automatically reconnected.

VM Manager improvements:

  • Implemented option to use Virtiofs for mapping of Unraid host shares into a VM.
  • Added Spice html client for Virtual Machines (experimental).

Notable Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where opening certain pages, eg, Dashboard, needlessly causes writes to the USB Flash boot device.

  • Fixed the issue of docker containers can reach the Internet when the WG tunnel is not autostarted at system boot up. Users are advised to regenerate the WG configs. This can be done, e.g., by clicking in a field to change a value and then change it back in order to get the Apply button to light up. Then click Apply.

  • Fixed issue where empty popup windows gets displayed with certain browsers and devices.

  • Restored "NTLMv1 authenication" for incoming SMB connections.

Change Log vs. Unraid OS 6.11.0

Base distro

  • acpid: version 2.0.34
  • bash: version 5.2.000
  • bind: version 9.18.7
  • ca-certificates: version 20220922
  • dbus: version 1.14.2
  • dnsmasq: version 2.87
  • docker: version 20.10.18 (CVE-2022-27664 CVE-2022-32190 CVE-2022-36109)
  • git: version 2.38.0
  • glib2: version 2.72.4
  • glibc-zoneinfo: version 2022d
  • gnutls: version 3.7.8
  • harfbuzz: version 5.2.0
  • intel-microcode: version 20220809
  • libXtst: version 1.2.4
  • libXxf86vm: version 1.1.5
  • libffi: version 3.4.3
  • libvirt: version 8.7.0
  • libvirt-php: version 0.5.6
  • lsof: version 4.96.3
  • nghttp2: version 1.50.0
  • pango: version 1.50.11
  • qemu: version 7.1.0 (built adding ppc, riscv32/64 support, replace arm with aarch64)
  • sqlite: version 3.39.4
  • xterm: version 373
  • xz: version 5.2.7

Linux kernel

  • version 5.19.14
  • CONFIG_DRM_MGAG200: Matrox G200
  • CONFIG_X86_SGX: Software Guard eXtensions (SGX)
  • CONFIG_X86_SGX_KVM: Software Guard eXtensions (SGX) Virtualization
  • CONFIG_CRYPTO_ZSTD: Zstd compression algorithm
  • md/unraid: version 2.9.25
  • patch: silence EDID "block all zeros" and "has corrupt header" notices
  • patch: add NVMe quirks for non-compliant devices reported by users


  • WebGUI: VM Manager: Update GUI Options
    • Include 9P and Virtiofs
    • Remove 9P option for Windows.
    • Update XML if virtiofs and Windows in addition to Linux.
    • Update VM Share GUI Options
  • WebGUI: Fixed: wrong feedback display on VM page
  • WebGUI: Dashboard: store graph data in file instead of cookie
  • WebGUI: Ask user to provide diagnostics before downgrading the OS
  • WebGUI: Spice html client in addition to VNC
  • WebGUI: improve handling of windows-style config files
  • WebGUI: WireGuard: add explicit interface name in routing
  • WebGUI: SWAL: intercept "esc" button to stop nchan upon window closing
  • WebGUI: nchan: delayed command execution
    • This prevents an empty popup window in certain browsers and devices

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