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Version 6.10.3 2022-06-14


Fixed data corruption issue which could occur on some platforms, notably HP Microserver Gen8/9, when Intel VT-d was enabled. This was fixed by changing the Linux kernel default IOMMU operation mode from "DMA Translation" to "Pass-through".

  • Also removed 'tg3' blacklisting when Intel VT-d was enabled. This was added in abundance of caution because all early reports of data corruption involved platforms which also (coincidentally) used 'tg3' network driver. If you created a blank 'config/modprobe.d/tg3.conf' file you may remove it.

Plugin authors: A plugin file may include an <ALERT> tag which displays a markdown formatted message when a new version is available. Use this to give instructions or warnings to users before the upgrade is done.

Brought back color-coding in logging windows.

Bug fixes

Fix issue detecting Mellanox NIC.

Misc. WebGUI bug fixes

Change Log vs. Unraid OS 6.10.2

Base distro

  • no changes

Linux kernel

  • version 5.15.46-Unraid


  • startup: improve network device detection
  • WebGUI: Added color coding in log files
  • WebGUI: In case of flash corruption try the test again
  • WebGUI: Improved syslog reading
  • WebGUI: Added log size setting when viewing syslog
  • WebGUI: Plugin manager: add ALERT message function
  • WebGUI: Add INFO icon to banner
  • WebGUI: Added translations to PageMap page
  • WebGUI: Fix: non-correcting parity check actually correcting if non-English language pack installed
  • WebGUI: Updated azure/gray themes
    • Better support for Firefox
    • Move utilization and notification indicators to the right