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Version 6.10.2 2022-05-27

Data Corruption possible with tg3 driver when Intel VT-d is enabled

The combination of Linux 5.15 kernel, tg3 driver, and Intel VT-d enabled appears to be causing data corruption.  This has been verified on several platforms which include a Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet NIC (note: there may be others).  This release includes the following workaround:

Very early in server startup (rc.S) if Intel VT-d is detected enabled, then the script will unconditionally create the file:


with following content:

blacklist tg3

Hence by default if VT-d is enabled, which is to say, it has not been disabled in either bios or via kernel "inteliommu=off", then we are going to blacklist the tg3 driver on all platforms. What if someone has a platform where tg3 does not give them any trouble with VT-d enabled? In this case they must create an _empty file on their flash device:


When the startup sequence continues it will get to the point where it executes:

install -p -m 0644 /boot/config/modprobe.d/* /etc/modprobe.d

A blank tg3.conf file stored on the flash then effectively un-blacklists it.

There will be users who will lose network connectivity because their NIC is blacklisted. If you are running on a problematic platform you should go into your bios and disable VT-d. If this is a platform without issue, then you will need to create the blank tg3.conf file on your flash config/modprobe.d directory.

It may take some time to identify and integrate a proper fix for this issue, at which point we will remove the auto-blacklisting code.

How to Disable Intel VT-d on HP MicroServer Gen 8 with a E3-1265LV2

Reboot the server, then:

  • During bootup press F9 to enter the bios.
  • Once the bios is loaded enter the menu System Options → Processor Options → Intel(R) VT-d
  • Set it to disabled
  • Press Esc to get to the top menu again
  • Press F10 to exit the bios and save

The server should now boot again as normal. Hat tip to Community member Oceanic for the instructions.

  • The Firefox browser and has been updated to version 100.0.2 to address a very nasty security vulnerability.  If you use Firefox we also suggest upgrading on all platforms.
  • We fixed an issue where WebGUI login could accept a password from a user other than 'root', if that username included the string 'root'.
  • The Linux kernel was updated to 5.15.43 to address a "security bypass" vulnerability.

Other Changes

  • On Management Access page, for the "Use SSL/TLS" setting we changed the word "Auto" to "Strict" in the drop-down menu.  This better describes the action of this setting.
  • Docker manager now uses Docker label for icons as fallback.
  • VM manager now gives the option of using LibVirt networks in addition to bridges without having to edit the VM's XML.
  • Improved handling of custom SSL certificates.
  • [6.10.1] Fix regression: support USB flash boot from other than partition 1
  • other misc. bug fixes

Change Log vs. Unraid OS 6.10.1

Base distro

  • firefox AppImage: version: 100.0.r20220519220738 (CVE-2022-1802 CVE-2022-1529)

Linux kernel

  • version 5.15.43-Unraid (CVE-2022-21499)


  • nginx: avoid appending default port number to redirect URLs
  • nginx: self-signed cert file: accept common name and all alternate names
  • startup: fix multiple network interfaces being assigned the same MAC address
  • startup: blacklist tg3 by default if Intel VT-d is enabled
  • WebGUI: Management Access: Use SSL/TLS setting: change the word 'Auto' to 'Strict'
  • WebGUI: Fixed: smGlue not included when selecting a controller
  • WebGUI: Fixed: allow share names with embedded ampersand
  • WebGUI: add LXC terminal support (for LXC Plugin)
  • WebGUI: Docker Web UI to use Docker label for icons as fallback
  • WebGUI: VM Manager: support libvirt networks (make libvirt networks accessible via gui)
  • WebGUI: fix issue where 'root' login works with password from another username which includes string 'root'
  • WebGUI: Update OS page spelling corrction: warninging → warning
  • WebGUI: helptext review: minor corrections