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Crash Issues


RAM Issues

It is known that RAM degrades over time. RAM issues can be elusive to track down and cause unpredictable errors. A somewhat common effect is unexpected file system level corruption.

The Unraid boot menu includes a version of memtest for testing RAM. This version will only work if booting in Legacy mode. If you try to run this when running in UEFI mode it will immediately reboot again.

If you want a version that can be used in UEFI mode then you can download a newer version from memtest's website. Note that the version of memtest built into Unraid is a much older version that doesn't have the newer testing capabilities of the current version located on memtest's website. This is no fault of Unraid, the people behind memtest won't allow anything newer to be installed by 3rd parties.

Overclocking RAM

Many people want to run their RAM at the maximum rated speed quoted in the specification of the RAM they have purchased. They tend to forget that many motherboard/CPU combinations have a max speed at which they can reliably drive RAM regardless of the fact that the RAM may be rated for a higher theoretical maximum clock rate.