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How To Setup Wake On LAN (WOL) for UNRAID

(assuming onboard NIC and WOL activated in motherboard's BIOS)

Put to sleep

  1. Webterminal or SSH into server
  2. Type ifconfig and note IP-address and MAC-Address (ether) of used NIC
  3. Type ethtool -s eth0 wol g
  4. Type echo -n mem > /sys/power/state

Wake up using

MacOS / Linux / Windows

  1. Download "MiniWOL2" from and install
  2. Click miniicon, push "Add" button and name the device to wake (Alias in Menu)
  3. Set "IPv4 Address" (manually or select from ARP List) and "MAC-Address" (manually or click on 'detect') in appropriate fields
  4. Set "Broadcast"
  5. Push "Test" to wake-up device (needs to be in sleep mode: see above)


  1. Download "wolcmd.exe" from and unpack
  2. Open command line prompt and cd to dowload directory
  3. Type wolcmd.exe <ether> <ip-dest>


  1. Type wakeonlan <MAC-Address> OR
  2. Type wol <MAC-Address>

For Guide assistance, see: