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Redeem License Activation Code

First, buy an activation code via our website. Your unique activation code will be on your purchase receipt.

Next, follow our Getting Started guide to set up an Unraid server.

Once your server is up and running:

  1. Login to your Unraid server's webgui. (http://tower or http://tower.local from Mac by default)
  2. For Unraid 6.10 and newer, Sign in to your account (or create one) from the top-right of the webgui and select "Redeem Activation Code" and enter the activation code to activate your license. For Unraid 6.9 and older, navigate to the Tools -> Registration page in the webGui and click "Purchase Key."
  3. Select the corresponding license you purchased via activation code and enter the activation code in the "Your Activation Code" box to complete the activation process. Your registration key will be emailed to you with instructions for installation! Note: Activation Codes are one-time use for generating your Unraid license keyfile.

If you have any issues or questions with the above, there is also a walk through video: Activation Code Instructional Video