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Contributing to Unraid Documentation

Contribute to a Docs Page that already Exists If you want to contribute to an Unraid Docs page that already exists, there is an "Edit this page" button at the bottom of every page.

Clicking this will take you to github, where you can click on the edit pencil in the far right to fork the repository, make edits on your own branch, and then commit Pull Requests to Main.

Unraid Docs are built using Docusaurus which uses Markdown, so please use the proper formatting outlined there for links, code blocks, and admonitions.

Creating a New Docs Page

To create a new Docs page, for example an Unraid Guide, in github, go to docs/unraid-os/guides and click "Add file" on the right to add a new Guides page. From there, name your file/guide and ensure it ends with ".md". Also, please ensure filenames are lower case and have dashes separating-any-words (Ex: Next, add the guide info and styling and then commit your changes. Then, a LimeTech employee will review and merge if everything looks good.

Thank you in advance for any and all submissions and edits. Making living technical documentation would be impossible without community involvement!